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Nor­we­gian Wood & You See Him Com­ing

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Cin­der­path snakes down be­tween­trees

from top-of-moun­tain, zigzag­ging through birch-be­side-spruce, rock-over-shale,

fern-un­der-bracken; fjord glimpsed be­low never climb­ing closer, its sparkledaz­zle

flash­ing hints of an out­side­wood sun­shineworld, minia­ture city with muss

of rooftops, cars which are fire­fly glints-of-light; while here is all dap­ple­hush,

brook chirrup­ing be­side path, wa­ter­falls trip­tum­bling over ledges-boul­ders,

lap­ping moss-stain waist-high round treetrunks as if sea of verdi­gris had washed through

leav­ing lush as pas­ture-af­ter-rain; and some­times a short­cut, off­track,

sharp-slith­ers down be­tween tree­roots, tempts us to down­scram­ble, slice­off a bend,

but we choose path-most-trav­elled, slower, take-your-time, lookaround route

and on next hair­pin­bend, in green­est-green heart­wood, peo­ple be­fore have built

dozens of cairns, small­stones heaped on­topof ea­chother, like faery­tow­ers

or peb­bles-on-graves, and we care­ful­choose fin­gersmooth handweigh bal­ance

our own, hon­our­ing those who went ahead in ev­er­green peace-of-the-wood.

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