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The word tantra means ‘lib­er­a­tion through men­tal ex­pan­sion’ – it teaches that we can be­come one with cre­ation by joy­ously accepting ev­ery­thing in life.

It is said to be the old­est Eastern tra­di­tion of spir­i­tual phi­los­o­phy and prac­tice, orig­i­nat­ing more than 5,000 years ago in In­dia.

It is about sex. Sex is seen as a form of deep med­i­ta­tion and wor­ship – it’s a way of merg­ing with the di­vine. The the­ory goes that the universe was once bliss­fully united, sym­bol­ised by the end­less joy­ous in­ter­course of the god Shiva and the god­dess Shakti. Then the universe split and cre­ation be­came di­vided. Tantra aims to re­pro­duce that orig­i­nal di­vine union.

It’s not just about sex. The ba­sic tenet of tantra is that ev­ery­thing in life can help your spir­i­tual de­vel­op­ment. Eat­ing healthily and be­ing kind to your­self and to oth­ers are tantra.

Tantra prac­ti­tion­ers use phys­i­cal yoga, med­i­ta­tion and breath­ing tech­niques to reach into deeper states of aware­ness through the body.

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