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£500 TO BE WON

TO EN­TER Com­plete the cross­word and count how many times the let­ter ‘A’ ap­pears in the grid. Text YOU fol­lowed by a space, your an­swer (the num­ber of ‘A’s) and name to 65700, eg, YOU 9 Sue Smith. Texts cost £1 plus your stan­dard net­work rate. Or tele­phone 0905 652 2141 and leave your an­swer and de­tails. Calls cost £1 plus your tele­phone com­pany’s net­work ac­cess charge. Or post your en­try to YOU Cross­word No 1,625, PO Box 3451, Nor­wich NR7 7NR. En­tries will be ac­cepted un­til 11.59pm on Fri­day 28 De­cem­ber. One ran­dom win­ner from all cor­rect en­tries will win £250 and five run­ners-up will win £50 each. If you en­ter af­ter the clos­ing date you will not be in­cluded but may still be charged. Phone and text helpline: 0808 272 0808. Win­ners will be no­ti­fied by phone within 14 days. So­lu­tion in two weeks.


6 First name of the char­ac­ter played by Si­mon Hel­berg in 19, 20

across (6) 7 Of or re­lat­ing to the Greeks or their lan­guage (8)

9 Male an­i­mal kept for breed­ing pur­poses (4)

11 Sauce, sim­i­lar to may­on­naise, that is pop­u­lar in Bri­tain (5,5)

12 Sub­stance that harms or kills peo­ple or an­i­mals if they swal­low it or ab­sorb it (6)

13 Layer in the strato­sphere that ab­sorbs ul­tra­vi­o­let rays (5)

14 First name of the char­ac­ter played by Johnny Galecki in 19, 20 across (7) 16 At a wed­ding, the man who as­sists the bride­groom (4,3) 18 Greek au­thor of fa­bles (5) 19 (and 20 across) US TV sit­com about sci­en­tists (3,3,4,6) 20 19 across Lo­ca­tion, See 21 place (4) 22 Mu­nic­i­pal coun­cil mem­ber (8) 23 Race­horse that has not won a spec­i­fied num­ber of races (6)


1 Polem­i­cally (15) 2 Horse rated at even money or less to win (4-2) 3 First name of the char­ac­ter played by Jim Par­sons in 19, 20 across (7) 4 Ar­chaic word mean­ing joy­ful or cheer­ful (8) 5 Mea­sure­ments of a body at cer­tain points (5,10) 8 Se­ri­ous­ness (11) 10 Free, sep­a­rate, de­tach (11) 15 Place for the elderly to live (4,4) 17 Choose or as­sign a per­son to a po­si­tion (7) 19 At­tempt­ing, dif­fi­cult (6)

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