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Cameron: My fears of doing a Kinnock


DAVID CAMERON has admitted he is terrified he could wake up on May 7 to learn that he has become Britain’s ‘new Neil Kinnock’ – the man who blew a seemingly certain Election victory at the last minute.

But even if his worst nightmare comes true and Gordon Brown leads Labour to a fourth triumph, he plans to defy his Tory critics and continue as party leader.

Mr Cameron confesses to his Election fears in The Mail on Sunday’s Live magazine today. And in a wide-ranging interview he also speaks of his fears that the baby his wife Samantha is expecting may be affected by the same disability suffered by their first child, Ivan, who died last year, aged six.

Asked if he is worried about ‘doing a Kinnock’, Mr Cameron says: ‘Of course. When we were 20 points ahead, people were saying, “You haven’t quite sealed the deal”. They’re right, actually. You never

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