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Cam Jong Il, a not-so-very-dear leader


DAVID CAMERON’S strange appearance in ‘casual’ gear made him look as if he had been dressed by a committee, perhaps of his enemies, perhaps of people who are not very bright.

What were they hoping for? That these clothes would further infuriate the remaining conservati­ves daft enough to support this liberal in biker’s clothing? That he would get the votes of ageing women who still hanker after the young Marlon Brando?

As it happens, he ended up looking faintly like North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Il, who also seems to have consulted the wrong style advisers in a bid to appear to be something other than he is.

Given that one of Mr Cameron’s key media supporters this week issued a stern condemnati­on of conservati­ve journalist­s such as me for failing to show ‘discipline’ by continuing to criticise Mr Cameron, I think I may start calling him Cam Jong Il, the notvery-dear leader of the Democratic People’s Blue Labour Party.

Discipline, indeed. Who do these people think they are?

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