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For the third time, it’s not my debt


ACCORDING to demands from BCW, you ran up debts of £2,588 to Halifax Bank of Scotland. However, it seems the real debtor is from Middlesex, while you have lived near York for the past 20 years. On top of this, you became Mrs Y just over three years ago when you married, whereas the debts in that name appear to go back further.

In response to three separate demands over the past year or so, you have explained all this three times to BCW. So I suggested to the firm that its conduct breached Office of Fair Trading rules, which say that a debt collector should not continue to demand payment when the alleged debtor has disputed the debt.

BCW immediatel­y gave its staff a ‘cease all action’ instructio­n while investigat­ions were carried out that showed you had been incorrectl­y identified as the debtor by two tracing agencies. BCW has now wiped you from its records and a letter of apology has already been sent.

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