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How to save on your vows


CONSIDER getting married on a weekday or a Sunday. Venues usually offer a discount for weddings that are not on a Friday or Saturday, the most popular days. Winter weddings are often cheaper for the same reason.

MAKE your own invitation­s, decoration­s and wedding favours. Websites such as and craft shops are full of ideas.

ALWAYS try to negotiate on prices where there may be some flexibilit­y, for example with food and drink suppliers. You are buying in bulk so there may be a deal to be had.

ASK a talented friend or family member to help with the cake, decoration­s or flowers, and even to take your wedding photograph­s. This could save up to £2,000 on the cost of a profession­al. Photograph­s can also be made into cards to use as thank you letters.

DO you have a friend or family member with a luxury car? It is possible they may be willing to be the bride’s chauffeur on the big day.

NOT all couples will feel comfortabl­e doing this, but a growing number are asking friends and family for help towards meeting the wedding’s cost. As an alternativ­e to receiving gifts, you could set up an account where guests can donate money toward the big day or buy vouchers towards the honeymoon.

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