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Seconds of healthy eating, anyone?


ALL that Government ‘healthy eating’ propaganda has clearly not worked. Official data last week had consumer spending on all foods and non-alcoholic drinks rising 2.9 per cent in 2009.

Spending on bread and cereals rose by 1.7 per cent and on fruit by just 0.97 per cent. State-approved fish and vegetables saw actual falls, of 0.1 per cent and 1.6 per cent respective­ly. Shrugging off the tuttutting of the health police, spending on meat rose 4.4 per cent and on ‘sugar and sweet products’ by 6.6 per cent. More ‘obesity strategy’, anyone? ENERGY group Eon believes in pursuing monies it is owed. Up in Yorkshire, the Bridlingto­n branch of The Samaritans received an electricit­y bill for £10,869.20 for a building it has yet to move into.

Eon ‘asked frequently’ when it would be paid, we hear. It has since apologised, blaming an ‘incorrect meter reading’.

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