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for every reader THE COMPLETE GARDEN: Week 3

Continuing our fantastic series of gardening offers . . . plants worth over £120


TODAY is the third week of our brilliant series of FREE gardening offers to help you create the Complete Garden. Next week will be the last opportunit­y to claim your free offer, together with superb discounts on a range of other plants.

Last week, we offered you some beautiful summer-flowering bulbs, and this week you can claim a FREE giant fuchsia collection plus some specialist fertiliser and a DVD which includes expert tips on how best to care for your plants.

In rich shades, these gorgeous fuchsias are perfect for hanging baskets and pots.

This fantastic collection is worth more than £31, but all you will have to pay is £4.45 to cover postage.

You will also be able to claim ALL FOUR of our FREE offers together and if you do, we will send you a great free bonus gift – three bulbs of the newly introduced Tree Lily™.

You can choose to receive just this week’s FREE offer, but why not take advantage of these other great plant offers:


A dwarf variety, this is a buddleja that won’t take over your garden but will still attract bees and butterflie­s with its beautiful flowers. Buy one Buddleja Buzz for £9.99 and GET A SECOND FREE or buy two for just £14.99 (RRP £17.99) and GET TWO FREE.


The first-ever red rudbeckia, this one will flower from July until the first frosts and also makes a perfect cut flower. Buy 20 Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy jumbo plug plants for just £7.99 (RRP £9.99) or buy 42 plugs for just £10.99 (RRP £12.99)


These pretty plants not only look good, they release a delightful perfume too. Plant in borders, pots or along pathways. Buy five Lavender Munstead jumbo plug plants for just £5.99 (RRP £11.98) or buy ten for just £10.99 (RRP £23.96)


Transform your cooking with this collection of tasty herbs. Just use a handful of leaves to add flavour to your dishes. Buy a collection of five mixed herb plants for £5.99 or buy ten for just £10.99

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