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The sacrifices I make for £100,000 a year


I agree with Liz Jones about the financial stresses placed on highfliers. I earn in excess of a year, but people only see the numbers, not how hard I have to work for that money. Nor do they see the education that I had to put myself through, at nights, while working full-time and raising a child.

I am self-employed now. That means no holidays (because I do not get paid if I take a holiday), long working hours and no benefits if I cannot find work. Lucky me. NOT. from where else will the money to support the Welfare State come? Alistair Darling and New Labour are so keen to redistribu­te wealth that it is beginning to make no sense to work. What is the point of early starts, busy days, late and sleepless nights and heaps of stress when you can enjoy more disposable income simply by sitting on your backside claiming benefits? Squeeze us too much, Mr Darling, and how will you get paid?

 ??  ?? SECRET PAST: Gloria De Piero posed for topless pictures
SECRET PAST: Gloria De Piero posed for topless pictures

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