‘There won’t be any­thing to let my mum know what it is?’ ‘No, it’ll have noth­ing from us on it’

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A MAIL on Sun­day un­der­cover re­porter pos­ing as 13-year-old trans boy ‘Ri­ley’ calls Morf, a Manch­ester­based sup­port group run by the LGBT Foun­da­tion, and speaks to ‘Barry’.

‘Barry’: Good af­ter­noon. You’re through to the LGBT Foun­da­tion. How can I help you to­day?

‘Ri­ley’: I won­der if I could speak to some­one about free binders.

B: You can speak to my­self and I can find out some in­for­ma­tion for you.

R: My friend at school told me that you of­fer free binders and that you can send them out. There’s a scheme. I’m in­ter­ested in try­ing to get a bin­der be­cause I can’t get one my­self. I’m not able to pay for it. So I won­dered if I could or­der one through you.

B: I’ll have to find out for you. I’ve re­cently just come through my train­ing and it was some­thing that was dis­cussed. So I will have to do some re­search and find out for you.

Sec­ond phone call af­ter Barry had been to check with his col­league

B: I’ve been speak­ing to my col­leagues so we do have some binders here. We have a cou­ple of choices here. We can ei­ther send one to you or you can come in and try some of them on to see which is the best fit. Where abouts are you based? Are you lo­cal?

R: I’m in Lon­don. Be­cause I’m 13, I won­dered if you could send it to me with­out let­ting my mum know what’s in the pack­age. Is that pos­si­ble?

B: It is. In terms of mea­sure­ments. I’ve had a quick look at the binders here this even­ing. Ob­vi­ously I’m not mas­sively fa­mil­iar with bra sizes so you might need to help me out here. Have you looked at the siz­ing around binders on the in­ter­net?

R: Yes. I had a quick look

B: So do you know what size you might be?

R: I’m 32B I think? If you sent me the bin­der, would you send it so my mum wouldn’t be able to find out what it is?

B: We can send you a pack­age and it’s not go­ing to be franked with the LGBT Foun­da­tion or any­thing like that. But in terms of whether your mum will ac­cess the par­cel be­fore you get into it your­self, that’s some­thing I can’t re­ally say.

R: But it won’t have any­thing on it that says what’s in it?

B: No. It would lit­er­ally be a pack­age. It won’t have any­thing from the LGBT Foun­da­tion on it and it will be quite a small pack­age as well.

Barry then of­fers ad­vice about the suit­abil­ity and safety of the binders be­fore ‘Ri­ley’ ex­presses con­cern again about her par­ents find­ing out

R: When the pack­age comes there def­i­nitely won’t be any­thing that will let my mum know what is in it?

B: No. From my per­spec­tive it’s go­ing to look like a padded en­ve­lope with an ad­dress on it and your name. What’s your name?

R: Ri­ley Man­ning… You wouldn’t be talk­ing to my par­ents?

B: Not at all. This is com­pletely con­fi­den­tial.

CHAR­ITY: Logo of the Manch­ester group that sends out breast binders

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