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that two SAS men have been wounded in Syria by Is­lamic State, even though the Gov­ern­ment has never ac­tu­ally con­firmed they were there. But how were they hurt? We are told it was by a mis­sile. But it would have had to be a rather so­phis­ti­cated mis­sile, to hit sol­diers so skilled in cam­ou­flage and de­cep­tion. What sort of mis­sile was it? Could it pos­si­bly have been Amer­i­can in ori­gin? If so, how did IS get hold of it? Could it pos­si­bly be that the USA has once again armed peo­ple who aren’t re­ally as nice as they thought, and the weapons have ‘leaked’ to IS? The West, has, as we know, been help­ing some pretty grim peo­ple in its odd at­tempt to over­throw Syria’s despot, Bashar As­sad.

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