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Found... Britain’s most dishonest city

- By Stian Alexander

IF YOU misplace your wallet or mobile phone in Nottingham, don’t expect to get it back. According to a new survey, people in the city famous for the ‘rob from the rich to give to the poor’ activities of Robin Hood are the least likely in the UK to hand over expensive lost items to their real owners.

Asked what they would do if they found a watch, jewellery, phone, laptop or a wallet stuffed with cash, only 48 per cent of those quizzed admitted they would hand in the possession­s to police or seek out the owner.

Leeds was the second most dishonest city, with just 51 per cent saying they would make an effort to return the property. Bristol and Southampto­n came next on 52 per cent.

In contrast, more than two-thirds of people from Plymouth asserted that they would give the items to police or try to trace the real owners themselves.

The city ranked marginally better than Liverpool, where 66 per cent claimed they would do likewise. Glasgow, Newcastle and Edinburgh each recorded 62 per cent in the poll of 2,000 people.

James Brown, director of insurers Protect Your Bubble, which commission­ed the study, said: ‘If there was ever a good place to lose your phone, then it would appear that Plymouth is your best bet.

‘Liverpool also deserves high praise for being a city where residents are likely to try to return lost cash.’

They have to contend with the M6 and the complexiti­es of Spaghetti Junction, but motorists in Birmingham are still the most polite in Britain. While more than two-thirds of people from the city admitted in a survey that they often let ‘bad driving habits take over’, the proportion was far smaller than in Manchester (85 per cent).

The biggest irritation­s on the roads are tailgating, failing to indicate and leaving headlights on full-beam. Dominic Gaynor, of TeamSport Karting, which commission­ed the research, said: ‘We’re all guilty of getting a little hot under the collar while driving and it’s interestin­g to see exactly what it is that’s causing the most irritation.’

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