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‘She sent photo of herself to lad mag’s High St Honeys’


WHILE at university, Carrie Symonds submitted a photo of herself to FHM, the monthly magazine for young men. It was running a competitio­n called

High Street Honeys – described as a ‘quest to unearth the sexiest girl next door’.

In the year that Carrie entered, almost 14,000 young women from across Britain sent photos of themselves in a variety of provocativ­e poses wearing skimpy underwear or a bikini.

Their pictures were posted online and members of the public were invited to vote for their favourite, who would win £10,000 and a contract to become a TV presenter.

Oliver Haiste, who dated Carrie between 2007 and 2012, said: ‘It was her idea to put herself forward. She’s always been an attention-seeker.’

Carrie was not named Britain’s High Street Honey.

Many years later it was reported that she had used a European data protection law known as the ‘right to be forgotten’ to ask internet search engines to de-list certain results for queries relating to her name, suggesting she has given some thought to her past digital activities.

Describing the photo, Haiste says: ‘She wore something unacceptab­le. It certainly wasn’t a cardigan and pearls. They were relatively explicit e.g. bikini and also topless ones.’

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