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Russo and co to make sponsorshi­p fortune


EVEN if they lose today, the England women are set to reap the commercial rewards of their World Cup run.

Striker Alessia Russo is being predicted as the stand-out star.

The Arsenal player, who has a deal with Adidas, has caught the eye of branding experts who think she can be a money-making machine. She also has a wellknown friend to give her more kudos – David Beckham, who has taken her under his wing.

An expert said: ‘Alessia is a brilliant footballer but is also a hit because of her friendly eyes and lovely girl next door nature. If she gets the right representa­tion, she will be a multi-millionair­e within weeks.’

The rest of the team are expected to triple what they’ve earned from winning the Euros.

Lauren James, who has deals with Sure deodorant and Google Pixel phones, is set to be inundated with more offers. Female-friendly brands, such as make-up and clothing companies, have also realised that Alex Greenwood’s glamour ‘has a huge appeal to young women’, said one expert.

Captain Millie Bright, a Walkers Crisps ambassador, is already being contacted by bigger brands.

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