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Media whipped up a storm over nothing



Scottish Tories to force Hate Crime Act repeal vote with plea to Labour and LibDems

Some people just love to spread hatred. The pro-Union media has whipped up another storm over nothing. Pretty much everything is already covered by existing law, this is a minor add-on to clarify. The police will not be overstretc­hed by it, once the media frenzy dies down and easily led people stop wasting police time.

Flora Robertson

It seems to me that most of the criticism of this legislatio­n is either vexatious or by people whose understand­ing of the act is based on the tabloid and Tory propaganda.

Jim Palmer

Hate is all he has left; his party are producing their propaganda leaflets in Ukip purple because their red, white and blue schemes are found to be offensive to the average Scots voter. Locally they are promising improvemen­ts to the A75, yet again, as they have for the last 25 years or more, along with the now mythical Crocketfor­d bypass ... only if you vote Tory ...

So with so many blown promises to Scotland, hate is the only thing the Tories have left to peddle.

Peter Thomson

Andrew Tickell is absolutely correct. The Tories, ably assisted by Alba, are trying to make Scotland a laughing stock. I cannot think of any other law that that we would be overturned because groups solicited the spamming of the police that lasted two days. Half of the 7000 complaints occurred on day one. Half of the remainder were on day two. Frankly if the Labour Party and the LibDems were to turn round now and vote to repeal the act they would be a laughing stock too.

Alan Thompson

Gordon Brown admits independen­ce campaign is ‘greater than’ Unionism

The “Clunking Fist” has finally had to admit the Union is doomed in its current form – well, that is refreshing. Now, Gordon, accept the inevitable and get behind Scottish independen­ce – you know it makes sense.

Peter Thomson

Wow! I wonder what these positive arguments for Unionism will be. I doubt they would be enough to erase all the harm Scotland has suffered under Unionism. I can see promises coming from Brown if Scotland voted to remain in the Union again. Before the 2014 referendum all kinds of promises were made by Cameron and Brown.

Sadly people believed it, yet all these promises were broken following the referendum result in 2014, not least of which was the forcible withdrawal of Scotland from the EU after promising that Scots could only remain in the EU if they voted for Unionism in 2014. Regardless of what promises Westminste­r might give going forward, I hope that Scotland won’t be fooled again.

Sheila Le Mottee

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