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The swifts and swal­lows dived like ster­ling, Through a sky as clear as sep­a­ra­tion,

While my daugh­ters,

Look­ing for min­nows,

Waded to their knees

In the flow­ing wa­ter,

Trick­ling by like child­hood or in­no­cence, Shal­low as knowl­edge,

Glit­ter­ing as sun­light.

In the dis­tance I heard cries,

As par­ents mourned their chil­dren’s un­known fu­tures, And sounds of joy,

As shop-keep­ers greeted their new found free­dom, Selling meat in pounds and ounces,

Free from the tyranny of grams and litres.

And fur­ther down the val­ley,

Smoke was ris­ing,

As peo­ple cel­e­brated with fire,

The new ad­ven­ture,

Ei­ther BBQ’S or cul­tural cen­tres,

I could not tell.

Then a cloud of rich pur­ple,

Like prom­ise or sad­ness,

Moved over the sun,

As swans flew over,

Head­ing coast­wards,

As grace­ful as de­part­ing mer­chant bankers.

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