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- By Neil Harvey

YORK CITY supporters’ trust have called on Glen Henderson to extend the deadline for a takeover after revealing they’ve had to step in for a second time to pay staff and player wages this month.

The Trust say they met a £50,000 shortfall after Henderson was apparently unwilling to provide funds “and openly told club colleagues” on Thursday.

They also say they have twice agreed legal contracts with parties wanting to take over “only for them to subsequent­ly withdraw at the 11th hour for various reasons”.

A statement read: “The Trust were astonished to find that Glen Henderson had offered inappropri­ate side deals to prospectiv­e buyers, only to withdraw them because he did not have sufficient shareholdi­ng with which to honour them. Along with other factors, this cast a seed of doubt for one of the parties that resulted in their withdrawal from the process.”

Henderson took joint ownership of the club with the Supporters’ Trust last summer following promotion to the National League but it soon turned sour, not least with the departure of popular boss John Askey, who had fallen out with the South African investor.

The Trust claim they have now made £145,000 worth of contributi­on to the club payroll and called on Henderson to extend the April 4 deadline for acquisitio­n of his shares.

“In the best interests of the football club, the Trust has called on Glen Henderson to extend the deadline for a 3-4 weeks in order that investors can continue to complete their due diligence,” a statement read. “Glen Henderson has put forward alternativ­e proposals, but they are so prepostero­us that no investor or the Trust could ever accept the terms.

“We repeat our call to Glen Henderson to give a little more time for a takeover deal to be completed. The Trust remain committed to securing new ownership to take the club forward under a stable, secure and sustainabl­e model.”

Interim boss Michael Morton was confirmed in charge until the end of the season.

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