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The Great War, be­gun in July 1914, is at an end. Un­der the Ar­mistice signed by the Ger­man plenipo­ten­tiaries hos­til­i­ties ceased at eleven o’clock on Mon­day, 11th November, 1918, an­nounce­ment be­ing made to the Al­lies Armies by Mar­shall Foch. The du­ra­tion of the Ar­mistice is 36 days, but al­ready Ger­many is plead­ing for an im­me­di­ate peace.

One of the last acts of the War was the taking of Mons on Mon­day morn­ing by Gen­eral Horne’s First Army.

Thus, for Bri­tain, fight­ing ended where it be­gan in 1914. In Lon­don and Paris and through­out the Al­lied coun­tries the surrender of Ger­many is a cause of great re­joic­ing, and the Ar­mistice terms are uni­ver­sally ap­proved.

Events have moved with dra­matic swift­ness in Ger­many. The Kaiser has ab­di­cated; the Crown Prince has re­nounced the suc­ces­sion to the throne. The Kaiser has taken refuge in Hol­land; and it is re­ported that the Crown Prince has been shot.

On the sign­ing of the Ar­mistice a rev­o­lu­tion­ary frenzy broke out all over Ger­many.

In Ber­lin, the Red Flag has been hoisted on the Kaiser’s Palace; the po­lice were dis­armed; the streets were com­manded by ma­chine guns. The whole of the Far­man North Sea Fleet and also Heligoland are in the hands of the rev­o­lu­tion­ar­ies. Wil­helmshaven, the great naval de­pot, has been sacked. In many districts there is a ma­nia for de­struc­tion.

Chaos pre­vails in Aus­tri­aHun­gary, and the Em­peror Charles has ab­di­cated.

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