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I am no fol­lower of box­ing and nor did I know any­thing about Tyson Fury up un­til the ex­ten­sive cov­er­age he’s had in the past week since his re­cent heavy­weight ti­tle fight against Amer­i­can Deon­tay Wilder.

How­ever, the story of his come­back from the depths of de­pres­sion, ill health and de­pri­va­tion is in­spir­ing and grabbed my at­ten­tion when I heard him speak­ing in a post­fight in­ter­view.

There is a very fine line we all walk be­tween the rise and the fall. One step in the wrong di­rec­tion cou­pled with some bad luck can bring about a down­ward spi­ral in the lives of even those who are per­ceived to be fly­ing high.

Con­versely, just one step in the right di­rec­tion at the right time, cou­pled with some good for­tune, can be the cat­a­lyst for a vir­tu­ous cir­cle of as­cent from the depths of low to the very high­est pin­na­cle of achieve­ment and the re­gain­ing of peace and hap­pi­ness in one’s life.

Every­one goes through ups and downs in the rough and tum­ble of life and it is im­por­tant to try to re­mem­ber that no mat­ter how black the dark dogs may feel, you are only one step away from the road to res­ur­rec­tion. It is im­pos­si­ble to pre­dict when that one vi­tal step that may start the rise will come, so you just have to keep tak­ing that one step for­ward.

These fol­low­ing lyrics are based on that theme. The bulk of it was writ­ten on the way up Loch Linnhe on Mon­day, so it’s far from fin­ished but I hope the themes are ef­fec­tive.


From the dark­est of the deep, when the worlds couldn’t sleep and the tears to weep were rivers run­ning free

To the fu­ture feel­ing blind from the present try­ing to hide and the past be­hind just bro­ken dreams to see.

Fallen beaten on the ropes, weak with bruised and bat­tered hopes down the val­ley slopes I looked but turned away. I stepped to­ward the ris­ing height and you came and brought the light, your grip was tight, I rose to see the dawn­ing day.

On the hill­top now we stand on the heights of sa­cred land with the blessed hand of hope for jour­neys new.

You all are by our side, and the world’s in our stride and the peace in­side is proof that course is true. So we’re on the voy­age now, to­gether watch­ing from the bow, in won­der how the tides of for­tune turn.

What a time to be alive filled with en­ergy to strive and drive ahead for blaz­ing trails to burn. There’s a thin di­vid­ing wall be­tween the ris­ing or the fall, we gam­ble all for bro­ken hearts or bliss

Be­tween the pau­per or the king, the fail­ure or the win, from giv­ing in or love’s eter­nal kiss.

Be­tween the hero and the fool there is no golden rule - one turn of fate can pull the hero down,

So fight with blood and sweat and up again you get and never let the demons keep you from your crown.

We may be just one step away from the com­ing of our day and the morn­ing rays of golden blessed beams.

Be­fore you quit and break, just one more step you take and lay your stake to live again your dreams.

So get up and carry on, fight or sing an­other song, keep step­ping on and push­ing for the goal. Take ev­ery knock-back on the chin, and use the hurt to help you win. Find peace within the har­bour of your soul.

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