Chur­ros with goat’s milk ca­jeta

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You can keep un­cooked chur­ros in the freezer and fry them when­ever you need them.

Makes ap­prox­i­mately 40 chur­ros

grape­seed oil for fry­ing

For the goat’s milk ca­jeta

UHT goat’s milk 1 litre sugar 300g bak­ing pow­der 30g salt to taste For the cin­na­mon sugar caster sugar 100g, or to taste ground cin­na­mon 1 tbsp, or to taste

For the churro dough

sugar 20g wa­ter 800ml salt 8g but­ter 100g ‘00’ flour 700g eggs 3 salt  Direc­tions First, make the ca­jeta. Com­bine all the in­gre­di­ents to­gether in a pot and cook on medium heat until the con­sis­tency is that of a caramel. This will take a cou­ple of hours. When it has reached a medium caramel colour, take it off the heat to cool and then store it in the fridge until ready to use. (The ca­jeta should be dark, but still quite runny. It should not be set.)

Make the cin­na­mon sugar by mix­ing sugar and cin­na­mon to taste. Set aside till needed.

For the churro dough, on high heat boil ev­ery­thing to­gether in a pot, ex­cept for the eggs and flour. This should be done only until the but­ter has just melted.

Grad­u­ally add the sifted flour and use a firm spat­ula to in­cor­po­rate it thor­oughly. You will need to work this dough in the pot so that it forms a firm con­sis­tency. This will take some min­utes as you need to make sure all the mois­ture is cooked out of the dough.

Trans­fer the dough to a stand mixer with a pad­dle at­tach­ment. Pad­dle on a low speed. Be­gin to in­cor­po­rate the eggs one at a time, mak­ing sure each egg is mixed thor­oughly be­fore ad­ding more. This should only take a few min­utes. Keep scrap­ing down the side of the bowl to ensure the dough is fully in­cor­po­rated.

Fit a large star pas­try tip (the width you pre­fer) into a reusable pas­try bag. The dough is quite firm, so it needs to be a reusable bag – if you use a dis­pos­able pas­try bag, it might tear. While the dough is still warm, pipe the chur­ros onto a tray lined with parch­ment pa­per, mak­ing the logs about 2cm in length. Make sure the mini chur­ros do not touch each other. If you’re mak­ing ahead, freeze them now on the tray.

Add grape­seed oil to pot to about about 3-4 cm deep. Heat the oil to 180C and, work­ing in batches, fry the chur­ros in the oil until they are golden brown, for about 3 min­utes from frozen. Us­ing long tongs to turn them over so that they fry evenly.

Drain the chur­ros on a pa­per towel and, while still warm, roll them in cin­na­mon sugar. Serve warm with room-tem­per­a­ture ca­jeta in a bowl on the side.

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