The quiz

Are you likely to keep New Year’s res­o­lu­tions?

The Observer Magazine - - Self & Wellbeing - Re­becca McGuire-Snieckus

Se­lect A or B to find out how strong your re­solve is.

Your res­o­lu­tion is: A. Spe­cific (dessert once a week) □

B. Gen­eral (eat fewer sweets) □

The habit you hope to break: A. Does not de­fine you (you smoke) □

B. De­fines you

(you are a smoker) □

Your friends and fam­ily:

A. Are on board □

B. Don’t want you to change □

To ‘just one’, you would say: A. It’s a slip­pery slope □

B. Go on then □

Mainly As may in­di­cate greater re­solve. ‘There is only one cor­ner of the uni­verse you can be cer­tain of im­prov­ing’ wrote Al­dous Hux­ley, ‘and that is your­self.’ Res­o­lu­tions give us the op­por­tu­nity to draw a line un­der what has come be­fore and de­fine for our­selves new ways of be­ing. Cicero noted: ‘It is a great thing to know our vices.’ Some habits are more eas­ily changed than oth­ers. Af­ter all, ‘we are what we re­peat­edly do,’ said Aristotle. Will you fail? Prob­a­bly.

But ‘our great­est glory is not in never fail­ing, but in ris­ing ev­ery time we fall,’ said Con­fu­cius.

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