Ev­ery­man crossword No.3,845

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Bowler’s sec­ond stop­ping run ... leads eco­nom­i­cally to 3 down (3-5) Re­con­sti­tuted spare parts for Ev­ery­man in the old coun­try (6) Our cousin’s a war­rior, we hear (7) You can see right through this earl with the old predica­ment (7) Fool al­most get­ting mar­ried, in a man­ner of speak­ing (5) In des­per­a­tion, hold out scrap (4-5) Ad­vice lack­ing en­ergy, odd: ‘Stand one’s ground’ (3,3,5) South­ern guy is nasal, re­volt­ing, dis­gust­ing (2,4,2,3)

Er­rant – so bad – pole dance (4,5) One in 5 now want­ing some vet­eri­nar­ian to re­turn (5) Set­ting down two things mu­si­cian might do for au­di­ence (7)

Best part of vis­ual in­creased ten­fold (7)

Esme Lly­wellyn’s a lit­tle mal­odor­ous (6)

Sup tasty pre­pared re­mains (5,3)


Witches, sol­dier in­cluded in some­thing dis­tinctly Scot­tish (6) It’s a com­plex con­tainer for ris­ing Doc­tor! (6)

Not ini­tially well groomed – could be­come one to em­u­late (4,5) Math­e­ma­ti­cian blath­ers madly, wast­ing time in Savoy (7,7) Pol­ish team reg­u­larly get­ting goal (5)

Pri­mar­ily, some­thing hollered out with the ut­most noisy en­ergy? (4,4)

In­cor­rectly, ‘the May stone’; it’s the Fe­bru­ary birth­stone (8) Ri­otous pas­toral events? (8,6) Find­ing crater on is­land, at­tempt prac­tice with ca­nines (9)

Cold shaken off, bi­ceps flexed, a doc­tor’s in­serted in­stru­ment (8) Par­tridge per­haps pulls funny face ear­lier in ab­surd en­deav­our (4,4) Per­vert hides let­ter from Greece; it in­volves mus­cle-stretch­ing (4-2) Knight aban­dons ag­gres­sive tone (6)

Man flee­ing bright-bot­tomed ba­boon? That’s bor­ing (5)

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