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1 Ner­vous about meal, lieu­tenant be­ing se­cre­tive (8)

5 Brief bat­ting class (6)

9 Keep go­ing, hav­ing ad­ver­tised with en­ergy in press (7,2)

11 Pick up large gain (5)

12 Cy­clist in good spir­its af­ter sup­port, widely dis­trib­uted (7,7) 14 Im­per­fec­tion in em­blem is hor­ri­ble (7)

16 Start broad­cast out­side (4-3) 17 An­swer qui­etly fol­lowed by sailor in cer­e­mony (7)

19 Sus­pense in revo­lu­tion­ary drama is clear (7)

21 Straight line di­vid­ing facts he mixed with false­hoods (2,3,4,5) 24 Clumsy in en­clo­sure, re­vers­ing into it (5)

25 Air­man, in poem, end­lessly against ace in bat­tle (9)

26 Kind dis­po­si­tion (6)

27 Given agree­ment when dis­patched by edi­tor (8) Down 1 Ap­peal for help, noth­ing be­ing tol­er­a­ble (2-2)

2 Stretch leg near ground (7) 3 Landowner in re­treat sup­ported by daugh­ter (5)

4 Marine crea­ture found in bay, pos­si­bly on small beach, or swim­ming (9,4)

6 Pale colour of knight, one with hes­i­ta­tion ris­ing in un­fin­ished story (4,5)

7 Com­pany com­ing up with song in­volv­ing new in­stru­ment (7) 8 Doc­tor in Rome sent for soup (10) 10 State in­for­ma­tion avail­able on hot drinks, car­ry­ing weight (3,5,5) 13 Be gripped by sto­ry­telling, ig­nor­ing ini­tial ir­reg­u­lar­ity (10)

15 Prices not ad­justed for au­di­tor (9) 18 Un­com­plain­ing, long ac­cept­ing obli­ga­tion (7)

20 One fol­low­ing ab­sorb­ing ac­count, not pre­cisely cor­rect (7) 22 En­tice­ment to pos­sess con­stant wealth (5)

23 Re­ported for­bid­den gang (4) How many times a month do you buyThe Ob­server?

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