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Pressing a new Pears soap onto the the old one your wife wanted to throw out. PETER MULFORD, BRENTFORD, MIDDLESEX

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‘Stop!’ I would implore them. Stop replacing announcers with presenters, the intelligen­t and informed with the modish and muggingly chummy. If I have to listen to one more inane girl gushing about what an amazing, awesome performanc­e we’ve just heard, I’ll hurl my radio at Broadcasti­ng House. Stop the infuriatin­g, Classic Fm-ish trend of playing single movements from pieces. Stop thinking young people can’t absorb complex ideas unless they’re watered down to grey, lifeless platitudes. And above all, stop asking us to get in touch. We don’t want to.

Radio 3 was once a beacon of what the BBC did best. Let it shine once more. DAVID OLDROYD-BOLT

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