Par­rot­ing the line on Brexit

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HAVE you seen the video that’s gone vi­ral of that clever cock­a­too?

He finds a box with a tasty treat in­side but it’s stuck up a ramp out of reach.

So he takes a sheet of card­board and pecks off a strip EX­ACTLY the right length to poke through a hole and get the food.

Af­ter years of study, Aus­trian sci­en­tists reckon Gof­fin’s cock­a­toos are as clever as apes or four-year-old hu­mans.

They can solve tricky prob­lems and have even learned to de­lay in­stant grat­i­fi­ca­tion for the prom­ise of greater re­wards later.

Per­haps we could get them to tackle Brexit and help out the Govern­ment’s pa­per shuf­flers.

Al­though I think they’ve got a few bird brains on the case al­ready.

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