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THIS week I had a call to see some pigs that needed their feet trim­ming – and it would not be easy.

Four pigs, 16 feet, 32 trot­ters, that was quite a lot of trot­ters.

The prob­lem I had was that pigs do not like their feet be­ing trimmed, nei­ther do they like stay­ing still.

These were large pigs and two were a breed called Man­gal­itzas.

These pe­cu­liar porcines are cov­ered in woolly hair and from a dis­tance look like large sheep.

They are also large and strong and have opin­ions of their own.


All four needed a seda­tive in­jec­tion to al­low me to work.

Af­ter catch­ing them in a corner and ad­min­is­ter­ing the seda­tive, we sat back to waited for the pigs to go to sleep.

It was a re­lax­ing time for the farm­ers, the vet and the pigs.

“Look at our new ar­rival,” said Robert, point­ing to the next pen. It was a beau­ti­ful two-day-old don­key.

He didn’t need any vet­eri­nary care, but I jumped at the chance to make ac­quain­tance with the new­born.

The pigs could sleep a bit longer…

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