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The Duchess of Cambridge often uses her outfits to convey messages. Here’s how she lets different tones do the talking


The Duchess of Cambridge’s style is always under intense scrutiny. Perhaps that’s why she’s said to carefully select colours to allow her clothes to speak volumes without uttering a single word.

Modern colour theorist Momtaz Begum-hossain is the author of upcoming book Hello Rainbow: Brighten Up Your Life And Mind

With Colour Therapy. She believes that every colour releases a different energy, affecting how we feel and influencin­g the mood of the people we’re with.

“Kate holds a public role, so when she chooses to wear a certain colour, many people will be affected by it,” she explains.

Here, Momtaz reveals what she believes to be the hidden intentions behind Kate’s colour choices and how they will have boosted her wellbeing…

Red for confidence

At the Commonweal­th Day service 2020 – one of Harry and Meghan’s last official royal duties.

“I’m surprised to see Kate wearing red. It has a connotatio­n of being a very sensual, attractive colour, and can also encourage anger. But I don’t think Kate chose it to look sensual or because she was feeling angry. She chose red because it’s uplifting and energising, and it gives the wearer confidence.”

Peach for discretion

While pregnant with Prince George in 2013, at Naomi House Hospice.

“This is a very gentle tone and also very low energy. Kate was pregnant and she didn’t want her energy levels to be all over the place. She just needed to feel neutral. She wears peach when she doesn’t want to be detected or to speak too much. She’s saying, ‘I’m here, but I don’t want any attention.

Just let me be.’”

Lilac for healing

At a mental health summit in 2018, five months after Prince Louis’ birth.

“This shade is the colour of healing and eases depression, which is appropriat­e for the event, so Kate was showing empathy with the cause. Wearing this colour has a similar calming effect on everyone as spraying lavender in a room does.”

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Momtaz is a colour theorist

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