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8 Which Arctic phenomenon is caused by charged particles from the Sun? (8,6)

9 Which shipping area lies south of Fastnet and Shannon? (4)

10 Which peg is used to support a golf ball? (3)

11 Who wrote The Call of the Wild? (6)

13 What are inhabitant­s of the world’s second-largest continent called? (8)

14 What is the young of the eel called? (5)

16 What word meaning ‘genial’ can also refer to a diluted fruit drink? (7)

17 Which is Kenya’s second largest city? (7)

21 Which important school subject involves geometry and equations? (5)

23 What is the capital city of Finland, the site of the 1952 summer Olympic Games? (8) 25 What is the medical term for the womb? (6)

27 What completes the title of the Graham Greene novel, ___ Man in

Havana? (3)

28 Which Old Testament location is also the name of an

English river? (4)

29 What are the four principal directions known as? (8,6)


1 Which river runs through America’s Grand Canyon? (8) 2 Who was king of England from 978 to 1016, and was dubbed ‘the Unready’? (8) 3 Which ladies’ undergarme­nt was originally worn by men under a doublet? (9)

4 What is the first part of Dante’s The Divine Comedy? (7)

5 What is the name of the Twelfth Night character who pretends to be a man? (5)

6 Which famous French fashion house has a perfume called No.5? (6) 7 Which Scandinavi­an capital was formerly called Christiani­a? (4) 12 Which Bellini opera includes the aria Casta Diva? (5)

15 What is a person summoned for compulsory state military service? (9)

16 What completes the name of the political party Plaid ___? (5)

18 What is the highest mountain in Britain? (3,5) 19 Which type of knife is also a type of heel? (8) 20 Which Mitford sister became the Duchess of Devonshire? (7)

22 Formerly known as Salisbury, what is the capital of Zimbabwe? (6) 24 What is a clear jelly of stock and gelatine? (5) 26 What was the friar called in Robin Hood’s band of merry men? (4)

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