The People's Friend

The Story So Far


CHARLOTTE (Charlie) MCLAUGHLIN is an events organiser at Anna Grace, a dilapidate­d country house hotel. The hotel was named after ANNA, the wife of the first Mr Graystone.

The current owner, ROBIN GRAYSTONE, is assisted by Anna Grace’s PR consultant HARRIET, who wants to make the hotel a wedding venue. Charlie, however, believes the way to change the hotel’s fortunes is to provide artists’ weekends.

Other staff include housekeepe­r KATARINA, who has worked at Anna Grace since she left Germany years ago, and handyman ALBERT.

Robin shows Charlie the library, where his late uncle TOM attempted to type up Anna’s journals before World War II. Charlie starts to read them, discoverin­g in the pages a resourcefu­l woman.

As Robin shows Charlie the estate, in the barn they find a young runaway called DEAN. He has left home following an argument with his mum’s boyfriend. He is allowed to stay in a cottage on the estate and helps out around the hotel.

One day, Charlie takes a booking from GRANT, who is forced to stay at the hotel in bad weather . . .

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