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Loose Top Socks by HJ Hall


Just £24.99 for 12 Pairs plus p&p

These calf length, loose top socks are manufactur­ed without elastic by leading brand HJ Hall to ensure a comfortabl­e wear and leave no unsightly marks on the skin or pinch calves or ankles. They will gently hold up without any discomfort or pain. Supplied in a pack of 12 assorted colours, they are made of 80% cotton and 20% nylon. Was £46.99. Ladies’ socks fit sizes 3-7. Men’s socks fit sizes 6-11 and are available in two pack options. C215 Ladies' Loose Top Socks C317 Men's Loose Top Socks

C318 Men's Loose Top Socks

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C318 Men's
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C215 Ladies'
 ??  ?? C317 Men's
C317 Men's
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