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I’ve loved reading all the stories about pen friends and have kept a friendship going myself through putting pen to paper.

Way back in 1975 my son David was lucky enough to be involved in an exchange with a family from France, organised by the school. The first meeting between David and Jerome Marie from Le Havre was in Easter of that year, at Jerome’s home. Later that year we welcomed Jerome to Desborough.

From the beginning the friendship involved both families and we spent a weekend with Jerome’s parents the following year. Then, in the years to follow, visits back and forth celebrated everything from weddings – Jerome to his wife Veronique in 1983 and David to Helen in 1984 – right through to our granddaugh­ter Dena’s wedding to Robert in 2014. The picture shows us flanked by David and Helen and Jerome and Veronique.

To bring the friendship right up to date, Jerome and Veronique will be visiting to help celebrate 60 years of marriage between myself and my husband, Norman.

Mrs D.G., Desborough.

Our Star Letter will receive a Dean’s all-butter shortbread tin worth £13.69 RRP.

All other printed UK letters will win one of our famous tea caddies and a pack of loose tea. Our friends from overseas will receive an alternativ­e prize.

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