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Fairground Days


The recent story “Picture Perfect” caused many happy childhood memories to come flooding back. The village could have been Barlow, a few miles from Chesterfie­ld and the Peak District. My parents, sister and I lived about two miles from Barlow.

As a little girl, I would get very excited at the end of July when lorries from the fairground drove past our house to set up stalls, dodgems, waltzers and roundabout­s in a field at Barlow. The events – spread over several days – were known as “Barlow Feast”.

I believe there are three wells in Barlow which are dressed by locals. There is a church service and then the wells are blessed and the carnival procession also goes from well to well.

When we went to Barlow Feast, we would hear the sounds of the fairground before we saw the lights and smelled the aromas of hot dogs and fried onions drifting in the air. How we enjoyed riding on the roundabout­s and dodgems, playing bingo, darts, hook a duck, etc.

Chatsworth was also mentioned in the story and it’s my favourite stately home. For over seven decades I’ve enjoyed many happy hours in the house, gardens and park with my parents, sister, friends, husband and children. We have trees planted there in memory of my parents. Your story brought back such happy memories. Mrs M.G., Beccles.

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