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Expanding Easy Hose


From £14.99 plus p&p

These incredible kink-free hoses are super-strong, durable and ultra-lightweigh­t. Expanding to more than three times their original length when in use, they automatica­lly contract again in a matter of seconds for easy storage. The cuttingedg­e design eliminates virtually all of the twists and tangles associated with standard garden hoses and the universal fittings are compatible with all standard taps and hose attachment­s. Available in a choice of three expanded lengths to suit your garden size: 25ft, 50ft, and 75ft. The spray nozzle is included. Store your Easy Hose next to your tap by adding a holder for just £8.99. Was up to £69.99. D8462 25ft Easy Hose Set £14.99 Was £29.99

D8463 50ft Easy Hose Set £24.99 Was £49.99

D8464 75ft Easy Hose Set £34.99 Was £59.99

D8466 Holder for Easy Hose Set £8.99

 ??  ?? Save up to £25
Save up to £25
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