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Stainless Steel Weed Puller


Just £19.99 plus p&p Rid your garden and borders of weeds with ease using this Garden Gear stainless steel weed puller. By using the long reach claws the weed puller removes the full weed and roots, the grab and release system then allows you to deposit the weed straight into your wheelbarro­w or bag for disposal.

The extended shaft with easy grip holds means no more back aching work, simply place over the weed, press on the foot plate to push the claws into the ground and tilt up to grab the weed and roots securely. Using no chemicals or electricit­y this eco-friendly tool allows you remove weeds without harmful pesticides and costs. Great for using on a variety of weeds, the weed puller is easy to maintain and store. Measures W12 x H40" (W30 x H100cm) with metal loop for hanging storage. Was £39.99.

D9562 Stainless Steel Weed Puller

 ??  ?? Save £20
Save £20

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