Sausage Cakes

Course: Main Skill level: easy Serves: 4 (2 cakes each)

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4 bread crusts, soaked in a lit­tle wa­ter and crum­bled

450 g (1 lb) pork sausages, skinned Salt and white pep­per, to taste

But­ter or oil, to fry

1 tbs plain flour Veg­etable stock or hot wa­ter To Serve: ap­ple sauce

1 Mix the soaked bread with the sausage meat and sea­son to taste with salt and pep­per.

2 Shape the mix­ture into 8 small pat­ties. Add a lit­tle but­ter or oil to a fry­ing-pan and fry the pat­ties un­til they are brown.

3 Re­move the pat­ties and add the flour to the pan, then whisk in the stock or hot wa­ter slowly to make a smooth gravy.

4 Add the pat­ties back to the pan, and sim­mer over a low heat for 45 min­utes un­til the gravy has re­duced and the pat­ties are cooked all the way through.

5 Serve with ap­ple sauce.

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