Q. I seem to be lack­ing in en­ergy. What should I try to in­clude in my diet to hope­fully give me a bit more zest?

Dr Emma Der­byshire, ad­vi­sor to the Health & Food Sup­ple­ments In­for­ma­tion Ser­vice, is here to help.

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Tired­ness all the time, also known as TATT, is a com­mon prob­lem of mod­ern life. Foods pro­vid­ing B vi­ta­mins help re­duce tired­ness and fa­tigue. Iron is an­other im­por­tant nu­tri­ent, with short­falls linked to iron de­fi­ciency and iron de­fi­ciency anaemia. Eat­ing foods rich in this should help to boost en­ergy lev­els, along­side main­tain­ing a reg­u­lar sleep pat­tern.

Make sure you are con­sum­ing enough wa­ter, too. Women should aim for two litres and men two and a half litres of flu­ids daily from food and drink sources. Wa­ter, tea and herbal teas can all count, along­side foods with a high wa­ter con­tent.

Tak­ing a com­bined mul­ti­vi­ta­min and mul­ti­min­eral daily, as well as a proven omega-3 sup­ple­ment like Equazen, can help top up di­etary in­takes.

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