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The veins in our legs are re­spon­si­ble for re­turn­ing de­oxy­genated blood back to the heart after the ar­ter­ies carry blood out, so it is im­por­tant they are healthy. But it’s dif­fi­cult to know what’s nor­mal and what you should dis­cuss with your GP.

Pro­fes­sor Mark Whitely, a vas­cu­lar sur­geon, has de­vised a sim­ple guide for the 30% of peo­ple in the UK who suf­fer from vari­cose veins. If you no­tice any of the be­low symp­toms, talk to your GP:

V– Veins which are vis­i­ble on the sur­face of the skin

E– En­larged veins that are blue or dark pur­ple

I– Itchy, sore or dry skin over your veins

N– No­du­lar, bulging or twisted veins

S– Swollen, achy or heavy legs and an­kles

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