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Q I had my grand­chil­dren stay­ing over, and as you might imag­ine, the ex­cite­ment is grow­ing for Santa’s visit. They asked me why we hang up stock­ings and I didn’t have an an­swer for them. Can you shed light on it? Mrs A.W., Liver­pool. A It’s all down to St Ni­cholas, as far as we can tell. With no writ­ten record of how the tra­di­tion first be­gan, one pop­u­lar tale is that a wid­owed fa­ther was strug­gling to pro­vide for his ththree ddaugh­ters.ht With stock­ings t ki hung up to dry over the fire­place, and know­ing that the fam­ily were poor, St Ni­cholas dropped coins down the chim­ney which landed in the stock­ings. Chil­dren then be­gan hang­ing stock­ings up in the hope of sim­i­lar re­wards.

The Christ­mas stock­ing is men­tioned in the poem, “A Visit From St Ni­cholas”, which was orig­i­nally pub­lished in 1823.

The open­ing verse reads:

’Twas the night be­fore Christ­mas, when all through the house Not a crea­ture was stir­ring, not even a mouse;

The stock­ings were hung by the chim­ney with care,

In hopes that St Ni­cholas soon would be there.

Q My hus­band and I still very much en­joy watch­ing re­runs of “Last Of The Sum­mer Wine”. Have the ac­tors who play Ma­rina and Howard made ap­pear­ances in any other TV roles? Mrs I.C., Barn­sta­ple. A Yes, they have. Jean Fer­gus­son (Ma­rina) and Robert Fyfe (Howard) have both ap­peared in TV soap “Corona­tion Street”. Jean also starred in the com­edy “Run For Your Wife”, while Robert ap­peared in the movie “Around The World In 80 Days”. Q The fes­tiv­i­ties aren’t com­plete for me with­out lis­ten­ing to Bing Crosby sing “White Christ­mas”, but my friend says the song wasn’t first aired in the movie of the same name. Is this cor­rect? Miss D.W., Bolton. A The movie “White Christ­mas” came out in 1954. How­ever, Crosby sang the Irv­ing Berlin song on his ra­dio show “The Kraft Mu­sic Hall” on Christ­mas Day, 1941, and again in the movie “Hol­i­day Inn” (1942).

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