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As long as the pet isn’t dis­tressed and it’s for a lim­ited time I can’t see any prob­lem. Makes a lovely photo shoot.


Don’t like pets be­ing dressed up ex­cept for dogs’ coats when the weather is cold.


Don’t like it to be hon­est, but each to his own. If I tried that with my dogs, they would chew and chew un­til they got it off.


Each to their own. I have dressed my dog up for Hal­lowe’en and Christ­mas. He is not harmed in any way by this. And I can as­sure you he is a very much-loved part of my fam­ily.


Pets’ coats for cold walkies are OK but all this dress­ing up is a no-no for me. I want to shout “Buy a doll, for heaven’s sake, if you want to dress some­thing!”

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