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Be­fore you add salt to your roast pota­toes at Christ­mas din­ner, be care­ful you don’t spill any. The rea­son it’s deemed to be bad luck is prob­a­bly be­cause in an­cient times it was an ex­pen­sive com­mod­ity. Ro­man sol­diers were paid in salt; there­fore los­ing or wast­ing it would have cer­tainly been bad luck.

It’s also linked to the Last Sup­per – in a small de­tail of Leonardo da Vinci’s paint­ing, Ju­das’s el­bow is right be­side the salt con­tainer, which has been knocked over! But did you know ev­ery cell in the hu­man body ac­tu­ally con­tains salt?

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