Q. My eyes al­ways stream with tears in the cold weather. Why is this and what can I do?

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Nick Rum­ney of BBR Op­tom­e­try, and VP of the Euro­pean Academy of Op­tom­e­try and Op­tics, ad­vises.

Win­ter is pos­si­bly the worst time of year for dry eyes, when they can feel gritty and sore as well as dry.

It’s a com­mon con­di­tion that oc­curs when the eyes ei­ther don’t make enough tears or they be­come too wa­tery to com­pen­sate for cold winds, caus­ing dry spots to oc­cur on the front of the eye. This is be­cause the wind can be so dry­ing that our eyes over-pro­duce tears which just run off our eyes.

You might think this can’t be a dry eye, but these tears are of­ten too wa­tery and don’t con­tain the oils that are es­sen­tial for the preven­tion of evap­o­ra­tion.

Preser­va­tive-free eye treat­ments, like OPTASE Eye Spray (£15.99 in Boots), can re­place some of the lost mois­ture and sta­bilise the layer of tears on the sur­face of the eye, to min­imise the dry­ing ef­fect of the wind.

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