The price is not right at city fill­ing sta­tions

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It’s been the age old ques­tion which has in­fu­ri­ated Peter­bor- ough driv­ers for years – why does fuel cost more in the city than neigh- bour­ing ar­eas? The dif­fer­ence was notable the first time I filled up my car af­ter I moved to the city two decades ago, and it’s not changed since.

These days we reg­u­larly fill up our car in Gran­tham (where Mrs T does some work) and a trip to the Nor­folk coast is never com­plete with­out a stopover at Sains- bury’s in King’s Lynn to top up the tank.

We had a day out at (not so) sunny Hun­stan­ton last Sun­day and un­leaded was 115.9 and diesel was 125.9.

Do­ing a spot of re­search for the PT’s Look­ing Back col­umn I came across a reader’s let­ter in the Jan­uary 10, 2001 edi­tion which, yes you’ve guessed it, be­moaned the fact that petrol prices in Peter­bor­ough were higher than else­where.

Now at least, thanks to the Peter­bor­ough Tele­graph’s Stephen Briggs and his story last week, we know why.

Ac­cord­ing to the AA the rea­son is be­cause Peter­bor­ough does not have an Asda store with a fill­ing sta­tion.

Asda, the mo­tor­ing or­gan­ista­tion ex­plained, have the low­est prices and so force oth­ers to fol­low suit.

I checked and, yes, both Gran­tham and King’s Lynn have As­das which sell fuel – although whether they did 20 years ago I don’t know.

In truth I’m only par­tially con­vinced by the an­swer.

I think Howard Cox, founder of pres­sure group Fair Fuel UK also has part of the an­swer.

He said: “Pure op­por­tunis­tic greed in the fuel sup­ply chain dic­tates what we pay at the pumps.’’

There is hope though be­cause last year Asda sought, and were granted, plan­ning per­mis­sion for a fill­ing sta­tion at its River­gate store.

For­get a univer­sity, a con­cert hall or more homes, this is one de­vel­op­ment the city re­ally needs to go-ahead!

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