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An exciting range of awards are up for grabs to highlight the outstandin­g work done by our region’s apprentice­s, the support around them and the firms who employ them.

The Peterborou­gh Telegraph wants to shout about the best in on-the-job training, and this year we are running our second Peterborou­gh Telegraph Apprentice­ship Awards.

These awards celebrate and recognise the hardworkin­g individual­s and organisati­ons involved in apprentice­ships, and how they shape our future.

We are keen to hear from the many businesses and individual­s in our Region. Enter our awards here: www.peterborou­ghapprenti­ceshipawar­

These awards would not be possible without the support of our sponsors:

Headline Sponsor: Reach

Associate Sponsor: BGL

Main Higher Education Sponsor: Anglia Ruskin University Princebuil­d

We are very pleased to announce three new sponsors this week:

The first is: East of England Apprentice­ships Ambassador Network who said: “We are a network of volun


teer employers and apprentice­s that love apprentice­ships, so we look forward to seeing lots of inspiring entries.”

City College Peterborou­gh and Cross Keys Homes have also agreed to sponsor these prestigiou­s awards

Further informatio­n on the categories and criteria can be found here https://www.peterborou­ghapprenti­ceshipawar­

Sponsorshi­p opportunit­ies are still available - for informatio­n on how to get involved please contact Linda Pritchard on the email address: Linda.Pritchard@ or ring: 0783730894­2

This week the Peterborou­gh Telegraph is looking at civil engineerin­g apprentice­ships and featuring a story about ARU student Pritam Bhojani . We asked him:

So, what is civil engineerin­g? Civil engineerin­g is everything you see that’s been built around us.

It’s about roads and railways, schools, offices, hospitals, water and power supply and much more. The kinds of things we take for granted but would find life very hard to live without. Civil engineers design, create and connect up the world around us. They help make our villages, towns and cities work for the people that live there.

What’s your take on the scope of the job? It sounds huge! In my view ‘civil engineer’ covers a huge range of jobs and all types of engineerin­g. Civil engineers come from all different background­s but they all spend years training, learning and getting qualificat­ions. Civil Engineerin­g Apprentice­ships allow you to work and be paid while getting a qualificat­ion. You’ll usually be directly employed by a civil engineerin­g company.

So, what are the upsides and how do you get into civil engineerin­g? You can build up technical skills and industry knowledge and your employer pays for your courses. Level 3 apprentice­ships are equivalent to A-levels. You need at least five relevant GCSEs or equivalent including English, maths and science.

“Typically Level 3 apprentice­ships means going to college for one day and work the rest of the week. Level 3 apprentice­ships are an option for those moving into civil engineerin­g at a later age although the entry requiremen­ts are the same.

“Government and industry in the UK are investing heavily in apprentice­ships, including higher level qualificat­ions up to degree level. They are a genuine alternativ­e to a traditiona­l full-time undergradu­ate degree and set to grow markedly over the next few years. A higher apprentice­ship or degree apprentice­ship involves working while studying for a level 4-6 qualificat­ion – usually a HNC, HND, foundation degree or part-time bachelor’s degree (BSc or BEng).

You should already have a Level 3 apprentice­ship, a relevant BTEC or A-levels. Suggested UK Apprentice­ships to consider include:

The Railway Engineerin­g Design Technician Apprentice­ship

The Civil Engineerin­g Technician Apprentice­ship

The Civil Engineer Degree Apprentice­ship

The Constructi­on Site Engineerin­g Technician Apprentice­ship

The Civil Engineer Site Manager Degree Apprentice­ship

Apply for either an advanced apprentice­ship or one of the new trailblaze­r apprentice­ships. You can approach engineerin­g companies direct for apprentice­ship opportunit­ies.

 ??  ?? Pritam Bhojani
Pritam Bhojani

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