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Ticket-buyers’ guide to snapping up seats


many tickets are there and when can I apply?

one million tickets go on sale today at 10am v ia www.glasgow201­ How long have I got to apply? All ticket applicatio­ns must be submitted by 6pm on September 16, 2013.

You can only submit one applicatio­n per household. That is four weeks to apply for the sports and sessions you want. Are tickets sold on a first-come, first-served basis once applicatio­ns are open? No, it makes no difference whether you apply for tickets on the first day, last day, or any time in between. What if one sport proves too popular and is oversubscr­ibed? Where they are inundated with ticket applicatio­ns for particular sport sessions, they will run a fair, simple draw. It will be completely impartial, selecting people from across all the applicatio­ns received. If I apply for tickets for one sport, is there any danger I will be sent tickets for another? You apply for the tickets you want. It’s not a lucky dip. Is there any risk of applying for four tickets for one event, but only receiving half of them? If you ask for four tickets, youwill eitherbesu­ccessful or unsuccessf­ul in your applicatio­n f or f our tickets. You will not be allocated one, two or three tickets. Does my ticket get me free travel to the venue? The cost of your ticket includes public transport in the local area on the day of your session. Is there a maximum limit to the number of tickets an individual can buy? So more people get a better chance of obtaining tickets, and to protect against unlawful ticket resale, ticket limits have been applied and these vary across sessions. These ticket limits apply per session and there is no l i mit to t he number of sessions you can apply for within your applicatio­n. How can you apply for ceremonies tickets? Ceremonies tickets will be available for sale in the same way as tickets for all sport sessions at Glasgow 2014. How much do they cost? Prices vary from session to session. However, adult tickets for all sports start at £15 and two-thirds of tickets cost £25 or less. Any there any concession­s available? There will be half-price tickets at all sport sessions for under-16s, over- 60s and children under two are granted free entry and will not need a ticket.

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