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Mystery over dog found at Highland pass


Police are searching for the owner of a dog left abandoned beside a remote Highland mountain pass.

The Staffordsh­ire bull terrier cross was picked up by officers who found it running around Slochd Summit, one of the loneliest parts of the A9 Inverness-Perth road.

The route at this point north of Carrbridge rises to 1,328ft above sea level and can be bitterly cold at night, even in summer.

The female dog, which is black with a white chest, was not wearing a collar when it was found in the early hours of Sunday.

Police believe the animal – which rescue kennel owners estimate as being about eight years old – may have been dumped by its owners.

It is also possible the pet may have run away – but officers say they don’t have any reports of missing dogs of this type.

The animal is now being cared for at the Glebe Kennels, near Boat of Garten.

Kennel employee Stacy Tinney, 21, said: “She’s a lovely dog and in good con- dition. She’s not been illtreated. It’s really strange how she was found.

“She’s a bit grey around the muzzle so we think she might be seven or eight years old.

“She’ll stay with us for seven days and then go to Grantown Dog Rescue for rehoming.”

A police spokesman said officers had found the dog at Slochd just before 6am.

The area is mostly moorland where wild goats roam, though there are a handful of cottages down an embankment, next to the railway line that runs parallel with the road.

The spokesman added: “To find the dog in that area, on its own, raises the question – where is the owner?

“The dog appears to be OK and doesn’t seem to have been mistreated.”

Anybody who recognises the dog is asked to contact the police.

Staffordsh­ire bull terriers are often regarded as aggressive and make up a large proportion of dogs given to rescue centres. However, the breed makes a loyal and affectiona­te pet if treated correctly.

Mr Beaty first started his campaign after his granddaugh­ter, Erin, was hit by a car after she got off a school bus in 2004. Last night Mr Beaty said: “Animals in this country have more rights than kids in terms of safety.

“I just find it incredible this has gone on for so long.

“They are dragging their feet and I think local authoritie­s just don’t want to spend money.”

A spokesman f or Transport Scotland said it only received the bus safety report last month and officials had already met contractor­s and representa­tives from local authority group Cosla and the Associatio­n of Transport Co-ordinators to discuss it.

 ??  ?? The dog is now at Glebe Kennels, near Boat of Garten
The dog is now at Glebe Kennels, near Boat of Garten
 ??  ?? The A9’s Slochd Summit where the dog was found
The A9’s Slochd Summit where the dog was found
 ??  ?? Ron Beaty: campaign
Ron Beaty: campaign

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