Vol­cano erupts send­ing plume six miles high

Ki­lauea is one of world’ s most ac­tive vol­ca­noes

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Hawaii’s Ki­lauea vol­cano has erupted from its sum­mit, shoot­ing a dusty plume of ash 30,000ft into the sky.

Mike Poland, a geo­physi­cist with the US Ge­o­log­i­cal Sur­vey, con­firmed the ex­plo­sion yes­ter­day.

It comes af­ter more than a dozen fis­sures re­cently opened miles to the east of the crater and spewed lava into neigh­bour­hoods.

Those ar­eas were evac­u­ated as lava de­stroyed at least 26 homes and 10 other struc­tures.

The crater sits within the Hawaii Vol­ca­noes Na­tional Park, which has been closed since May 11. Of­fi­cials have said they did not ex­pect the ex­plo­sion to be deadly as long as peo­ple re­mained out of the park.

Ki­lauea is one of the world’s most ac­tive vol­ca­noes.

An erup­tion in 1924 killed one per­son and sent rocks, ash and dust into the air for 17 days.

Sci­en­tists warned on May 9 that a drop in the lava lake at the sum­mit might cre­ate con­di­tions for an ex­plo­sion that could fling ash and boul­ders the size of fridges into the air.

Sci­en­tists pre­dicted it would mostly re­lease trapped steam from flash­heated ground­wa­ter re­leased as though it was a kitchen pres­sure cooker.

Ki­lauea vol­cano has been erupt­ing con­tin­u­ously since 1983.

It’s one of five vol­ca­noes that com­prise the Big Is­land of Hawaii, and the only one cur­rently erupt­ing. Res­i­dents nearby town re­ported light amounts of ash af­ter the erup­tion.

PLUME: Erup­tive ac­tiv­ity con­tin­ues from an align­ment of fis­sure vents from the Ki­lauea vol­cano on Hawaii’s Big Is­land

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