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Recruitmen­t vital for new Land Army


The response to the plea for volunteers to help the NHS in its greatest hour of need took even health chiefs and government ministers by surprise. It underlined how willing people all over the country are to pull together for the common good in this unpreceden­ted national and global crisis.

Now a new call to arms is coming – in the shape of a campaign to mobilise an army of workers to take to the fields and stop the country’s valuable crops rotting into the ground.

Growers fear their produce could go to waste because the influx of seasonal staff they traditiona­lly rely on has been cut off by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A campaign to get people picking fruit and vegetables would be a throwback to the Dig for Victory movement and

Women’s Land Army of the Second World

War, and farmers’ leaders in Scotland have already given the concept a positive response.

For those who have been cooped up for the past week or so, either socially distancing or self-isolating, the idea of getting out in the fresh air and helping in the national response to the coronoavir­us crisis – presumably at a safe distance from their fellow volunteers – will have huge appeal.

So when the call comes, if you can, get out there and Pick for Britain, or Scotland if you prefer – your countrysid­e needs you.

“Getting out in the fresh air and helping in the national response will have huge appeal”

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