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Johnson too slow to lock UK down


SIR, – Dennis Forbes Grattan (Letters, March 24) is completely wrong in his praise of Boris Johnson’s leadership.

No matter that the lack of ventilator­s, personal protective equipment, intensive care beds and staff is entirely down to the Tory austerity programme, the fact is Johnson has acted too slowly and with far too light a touch.

There is little doubt the lockdown should have happened two or three weeks ago when it could have made a far bigger difference.

Boris should have looked at Italy, seen what was happening there and introduced a shutdown immediatel­y.

We all have TVs, we knew what was happening, so why didn’t he?

Once the pandemic is over we need to look hard at these decisions and their consequenc­es and I don’t think we’ll then be praising Boris for his leadership, but regretting his timidity, lack of initiative and poor judgment.

Dick Winchester, Old Rayne, Aberdeensh­ire

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