The Press and Journal (Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire)

Time to censor doom-mongers


SIR, – I refer to the article by James Millar (The Press and Journal, March 25) titled “Serious situation requires a serious leader” and am dismayed that you even let this article be printed.

I am not sure of James’s political bias, however it is clear he is not Conservati­ve and is using your paper to take “cheap shots” at the UK’s handling of coronaviru­s.

I may not be a fan of Boris Johnson either. However, I think he is doing a pretty good job at leading the UK in what are completely unpreceden­ted times and comments from James Millar bring absolutely no value in trying to solve the current crisis.

Is James an expert on “crisis management”? I think not and he should maybe express his frustratio­ns on one of many online forums that exist for this rhetoric.

Please encourage your writers to try to be more positive as we have enough negativity around without being given more.

John Godsman, East Lodge, Kirktown of Fetteresso, Stonehaven,


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